Toddler Travel Wardrobe 

When travelling with a toddler it’s so easy to overpack. This post concentrates on our most valuable items in Jasper’s Wardrobe using our experience touring Canada and America. This list is in addition to our Toddler Travel Kit, Toddler Travel Toys and Toddler Travel Essentials.

Travelling Canada and America for 12 months has meant an encounter with temperatures from freezing to 40 degrees+.  Packing for four seasons has certainly been a challenge when thinking about space saving but every item listed has been needed even during the Canadian and American summer months!

Things we didn’t need and send home/gave away were: Mittens, Merino Wool Baby sleeping bags (both summer and winter versions), his Cap and his Stonz Snow Boots (we used these once).

1. Puddlesuit

The puddlesuit has been invaluable. When you only do washing every few weeks on the road and keeping clothes clean can be a priority, the puddlesuit definitely helps. As well as being very useful for keeping little ones dry during rainy days, it’s perfect for the beach and hiking trails or any other situation where they insist on sitting in puddles, mud or dirt. It’s easy to hand wash and easy to dry. Perfect!

2. Wellies and Crocs

Jasper has three pairs of shoes-normal day shoes, crocs and wellies. Wellies are perfect for rainy days during autumn and winter and the Crocs are perfect for rainy days during the summer. Both pairs have also been brilliant for beaches depending on the current temperature. Jasper has also used his Crocs in splash parks throughout Canada and America and as sea shoes. They are definitely a must have item-we are on our second pair of wellies and third pair of Crocs and I am sure we will buy the next size up again as soon as he’s ready. We purchased him snow boots that he literally used once. Wellies and socks did the trick as often when it snowed it was too cold for him to go outside anyway.

3. Warm Hat and gloves

A warm wool hat is essential for autumn and winter in Canada and America and on cooler summer nights in high elevation areas. If you plan to camp you will probably use it nightly. We did have awesome matching mittens for his yellow bobble hat but ditched them after the first attempted use. Jasper, much like any other toddler, prefers to be able to use his hands and the mittens just frustrated him. It wasn’t easy to find mini gloves for him with individual fingers but in the end we purchased a pair from amazon and they were amazing.

4. Merino Kids Thermal pyjamas

We purchased two pairs of pyjamas. The first pair was long sleeved with long bottoms, and the second short sleeve with shorts. The merino wool keeps him warm, is breathable and doesn’t tend to hold odour. They were quite expensive but worth the purchase.

We also bought with us Merino Wool Sleeping Bags, a thin one for the summer and thick for the winter. We ended up sending these home. This may be more because Jasper just hated sleeping in them rather than them actually being any good but he slept under our main blanket and had a small little fleece blanket for himself.

5. Fleece all-in-one suit

We purchased an all-in-one fleece suit for Jasper. In the mornings we would slip it straight on him before we got out of the van. It ensured he was warm and dry while we organised breakfast and gathered the clean clothes for the day. The suites we purchased also had fold over feet and hands which proved invaluable on those extra cold mornings. It was also a great addition for cooler evenings when we were camping and added extra protection for his clothes against the dirt.

6. Sun hat

An obvious but essential. Jasper had a cap (he hated), a regular sun hat and a wicker hat (I loved).

The regular sun hat was best for the sling because if it’s flexible material. It also folded very small and could be kept in the bag at all times. If you are only going to take one hat I would make sure it has a peak to cover their eyes, that it is suitable for use in slings and for naps and if possible has the skirt to cover the back of the neck. I was constantly worrying about Jasper getting burnt and the more protection you can give them the better.

7. Close Pop In Long sleeve rash vest and swim hat

We love the Close brand and their products are always fantastic quality and they last. They come in numerous prints to chose from and multiple styles. You can get all in one suits, rash vests and bottoms.

They come up quite small in sizing so be aware of this before you order.

8. Close Pop In Reusable swim nappy

As well as saving you a few pennies, it will save a lot of space over disposable swim nappies. We have just purchased the next size up ready for Australia. They come with a reusable liner to allow for easy changing if there has been a code brown. We have one putter nappy and two liners. You don’t always have to use the liners, some people just prefer it for easier clean up.

9. Lightweight Trousers (UVA/UVB)

We have two pairs of lightweight trousers. You want them to be cool, loose and breathable but still cover delicate toddler skin. We use them most for days when he’s in the sling or in the stroller as his legs are often in a position exposed directly to the sun. They also tend to dry so quickly which is always a plus whilst travelling.

10. Baby Banz and/or Babiator Sunglasses

Babies and toddlers need eye protection and sometimes people underestimate the importance of this. Jaspers Babiator glasses have straps attached to them to keep them on his head (the strap is removable) and his Baby Banz have a permanent Velcro strap. The Babiator also came with a case and glass cleaner cloth.

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