We are putting together a complete list of travel products including toys, clothes and accessories specific to both toddler Travel and Camper van Travel that we would recommend to others. There are also some items that we regret bringing that have since been posted home or is taking up valuable space in the roof box-we’ll let you know about these too!

Toddler Travel Toys

Jasper loves a stick and a stone, he loves hiking with us, playing on beaches and just finding entertainment wherever he can BUT there are some toys he absolutely loves. We bought a selection of toys with us and tried to pick toys that we felt were developmentally beneficial as well as fun for Jasper.

Toddler Travel Essentials

You would never leave the house at home without the all important changing bag, it’s not different on the road. Our changing bag is packed full with our toddler essentials and these are just a few of the ones we love and what we don’t leave the van without. I have a Kath Kidson backpack that has so many pockets- I love it! It has a zip pocket on the back that cannot be accessed without taking the bag off, and a flap that covers the main compartment. These were just added features that I thought were useful for travel and would help prevent things being stolen. Daddy doesn’t mind wearing it, he looks rather fetching!

Toddler Travel Wardrobe

So yes we did overpack and we sent a few items home but packing for four seasons was difficult. This post contains information on Wardrobe items we found invaluable throughout the trip and essential for travelling in all four seasons.