Toddler Travel Essentials

When travelling with a toddler it’s so easy to overpack. This post concentrates on our top travel essentials using our experience touring Canada and America. This list is in addition to our Toddler Travel Kit, Toddler Travel Toys and Toddler Travel Wardrobe.

Our travel essentials are those we pack in our daypack (kind of our baby changing bag if we were at home) and those we don’t go out without.

1. Close Pop In Changing Mat

We LOVE this mat. It rolls up pretty compact, the inside is so fluffy and soft for little ones and it wears so well. Bearing in mind we have changed Jasper’s nappy (diaper) on muddy hiking trails, rocks, beaches, benches..when it’s washed it comes out looking immaculate. It also has a handy zip pocket on the back and comes in really funky patterns. We have a lot of love for Close products.

2. Reusable Wipes

Back at home Jasper was in reusable nappies and we found these so good. We would of loved to continue using them but the idea of having stinky nappies in a hot van meant this was a no go for us. We did however keep the reusable wipes. I swear by these, Jasper never has nappy rash with them and they are so gentle on little bums. You can use one wipe for a really messy one by folding and they wipe so much better as they have a little grip. I find normal wipes just spread the mess around. We have a little wet bag for the day for the dirties and a larger one in the van. There is never any smells or anything like that and we just chuck the bag in the washing when we run out.

I might write another article at some point about the benefits of cloth nappies and reusable wipes but I have so much travel related stuff first but I would recommend them to everyone.

3. Coconut Oil

Naturally perfect for little bums. It’s also great for dry skin, cradle cap, we put some in the bath and a little goes in my hair. It’s a multifunctional product. We bought a huge tub and it also gets used for cooking and making Jasper yummy flapjacks. When you are trying to travel lightly (we try but never succeed) then having any multi-purpose item will save you space and weight. Toiletries always end up being the heaviest items in our luggage! You can buy a huge organic tub in Walmart for under $10. Score.

4. Green People Organic Suncream and Aftersun

I will always splurge to make sure I am buying a great product for anything I put on the baby and these were well worth it. No reactions, easy to rub in and does the job perfectly. Some organic or natural sunscreens I have found can be so hard to apply and rub in that spending 15 minutes trying to rub something in is just not possible with a toddler.

5. 100% Natural Bug Repellent

We definitely didn’t want to use DEET on the baby and were sceptical to the success of herbal alternatives but the one we have really works. We opted for Natural Mosquito Repellent Bees Wax Cream. It’s made with organic Beeswax, Citronella, Olive Oil and Essential Oils.

6. Anti-bacterial Hand Gel

Perfect for all occasions and especially when on the road and access to water is a luxury. We have a small bottle that hangs off the changing bag that we re-fill from a larger bottle in the van.

7. Close Pop In Coverall Bib

Another Close product I love. And the pattern on this one is so perfect for our adventure. It’s waterproof and literally covers all of him. Usually waterproof items feel plasticky but the waterproof PUL on the inside of the Bib is super soft. It can be any type of food or an entire glass of water-he remains clean and dry. The quality is amazing and it also washes really well. They come in a few sizes and patterns so your bound to find one you fall in love with!

** We sadly have lost ours as Daddy left it hanging up to dry in a camp bathroom and haven’t been able to order another yet. I miss his perfect bib! The closest I have found over here is a cheap $5 IKEA Coverall bib but it feel likes plastic and doesn’t protect that well against spills. He’s usually soaked!

8. BambooToddler Cutlery

This Cutlery is the first step to big boy Cutlery. It’s shape and grip makes feeding himself easy. He still prefers his hands but he’s one of those babies that likes to eat everything at once and the cutlery is just too slow.

9. Insulated drinks Sippy or Cup

Buy the insulated. In the heat of the American summer or anywhere tropical abroad this is a must. It really keeps his water cold. I find if it isn’t cold when he’s hot, he won’t drink and that’s a real worry. We purchased the Foogo Insulated Sippy and the Klean Kanteen Insulated Canteen. We often refill his sippy cup from the KK. As he got a little bigger we moved from the Sippy to the Insulated Munchkin Miracle 360 Cup. This Cup is great. It comes with a handy lid (great for protection on sandy beaches) and its no spills function means Jasper can learn to drink from a big boy cup without the mess.

We used to have the Klean Kanteen Sippy but this was a little heavy for his small hands.

10. Bento Stainless Steel Snack Box

These are great. When not used for the babies lunch we use it for all day snacks. You can have yogurt, humours, all sorts of snacks and the containers don’t leak between each other. We always make the babies lunch for the day which includes a small wrap, boiled egg, salad, fruit, crackers and having this box avoids having to take multiple tiny tuber-wares.

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