So after we finished our loop and slightly switch back journey around Canada and America (and we had a short hop skip and jump to Cuba) we headed to Australia.

It worked out the same price to fly from Vancouver to Brisbane as it did to go from Vancouver to Hawaii to Brisbane so we also stopped in Hawaii for five days to break up the flights.

Both Mummy and Daddy have family Australia. We will stay for 3 months with Daddy’s sister so Jasper can enjoy time with his new cousin Baby Lexi. It will also be good to be stationary for a while.

From here using Australia as a launch pad we plan to spend 3 months in Asia visiting Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia and possibly the Philippines. An additional five months travelling Australia and one month in New Zealand.

At the end of the trip we will have spent two years travelling the road and will return home to our families and jobs we left behind and start planning our next adventure…