Toddler Travel Toys

When travelling with a toddler it’s so easy to overpack. This post lists our top 10 travel toys using our experience touring Canada and America. This list is in addition to our Toddler Travel Kit, Toddler Travel Wardrobe and Toddler Travel Essentials. 

We left for our trip when Jasper was 12 months old and the toys we have chosen to keep with us are those that are most multi functional and can grow with him.  We had ALOT more than this and some have been discarded along the way in our bid for more space and we have a rule we don’t use something for 3 months (with a few exceptions) it goes.

Travelling with a Toddler long term can give you a little Mummy guilt that he’s not learning like he might do in play school or nursery so I try to also keep toys with us that will help his development.

1. Grimms Mini Rainbow

Robust and beautiful. This mini rainbow is a stacker, tunnel, bridge house and more. Compact at 3.9 x 1.4 x 2 inches. It states suitable for 36months-10 years so be mindful of this but my toddler loves it! This toy really aids creative and open ended play as well as develops reasoning and motor skills.

2. Lego Bus or Plane

Two toys in one, what more can you ask for? The bus has 5 main pieces and the plane a little more. We originally only had the one but bought the second based on the success of the first. As long as you can keep an eye on the pieces you will be fine. We use the Duplo Lego but I imagine the same idea would apply to Lego suitable for older kids.

3. IKEA Stacking Cups

The best and cheapest stacking cups I have come across at £1.50 for the lot. They can be bath toys (that have holes in the cups that act as water holes), used on the beach, for stacking as intended, sorting cups, collection cups, snack holders (as we found out) and each is a different colour and have different shaped edges. These are amazing.

4. Balloons

Cheap, small, convenient and easy to pull out of the bag when you need them. Great to act as a football for little ones in the park on a sunny day.

5. Bath Books

The best type of books are wipe down and waterproof-toddler proof. We picked up some that were counting, shapes and colours. Handy that these books are squishy so can be pushed into small spaces when storage becomes an issue.

6. Mini Bucket and Spade

For the beach and for collecting stones and leaves along hikes. Ours is tiny and perfect for little toddler hands.

7. Alex

Alex has buckles, zips, pulls, removable socks and shoes, laces and more. The perfect learning tool for a toddler. A little larger than his other toys but we felt the learning capabilities and potential entertainment value was worth it. Jasper will play with Alex in his car seat for a good 40 minutes.

8. Bubbles

Last forever, easily filled up and toddlers love them. He’s even learning to blow them himself now.

9. Inflatable Ball

Ideal for beaches and parks. It folds fairly small and they can be picked up almost anywhere.

10. Colouring

Crayons are a basic and paper you can pick up everywhere and he will scribble on almost anything!

We recently purchased a Doug and Melissa On the Go Water Reveal Pad. It has four thick pages of different themes (Jungle, Farm, Pet Shop and Under the Sea) and comes with a refillable water pen. It says for ages 3+ but Jasper loves this at just 18 months.

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