When we tell people about what we are doing we really do get such a vast array of responses and so many questions…What are you travelling in? How did you convert it? How can you afford to travel? What about your jobs?

This section of the blog aims to address these questions and hopefully provide some guidance or inspiration on how you can do the same.

World Travel on a Budget

Travelling is expensive. There is no way to get around this especially when you have chosen Canada and America in which to spend almost a year. Here are just a few basics to help you save money on the road and which helps us keep control of the funds. We don’t make money while travelling so saving the pennies really matters.

Making our Van a Home: The Conversion

This was by far the cheapest way for us to achieve what we wanted. We wanted something small so it would be great on fuel but we needed space and storage. We turned a Dodge Grand Caravan into a home on wheels. It had a full size bed, a full time working fridge, an awning and plenty of storage. This also worked out the most cost effective way for us to travel. Most importantly the baby was able to travel safely and legally in his car seat.